Our Case

Residents of communities near the Potomac, including Georgetown, are increasingly subjected to excessive aircraft noise, disrupting our neighborhoods and eroding the quality of our lives. Several community organizations have formed the DC Fair Skies Coalition to seek changes to a new flight path that the Federal Aviation Administration recently authorized that is seriously impacting residents’ peace, tranquility, and sleep.

With recent FAA changes, departures and landings at Reagan National Airport can now occur 24/7. Furthermore, beginning in Spring 2015, FAA authorized a new "LAZIR" northern flight path over or near our communities. The number of flights has also increased, including flights as early as 5am and well after midnight. Reagan now has more air traffic than Dulles! The resulting increase in aircraft traffic and noise is disruptive to the peace and quiet of established and historic neighborhoods in DC and the safety of their residents.

In August 2015, several communities along the Potomac River, along with Georgetown University, retained counsel and filed a Petition for Review of the new flight path with the DC Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. The Petition seeks to suspend the new northern route (LAZIR) and to reinstate the prior flight path (National 328). 

The Coalition also filed a formal Petition to the FAA on May 27, 2016 seeking expedited relief from the aircraft noise caused by this new route and other Reagan National Airport operations. The Petition was also signed by the Mayor, the Chairman of the DC City Council, DC City Council members Jack Evans (Ward 2) and Mary Cheh (Ward 3), and all At-Large City Council members. Click here to read the Petition and here to read the Appendix containing declarations of residents. 

In addition, we want the FAA to include noise and emissions as critical design inputs for arrival and departures routes, to distribute noise equitably over populated areas when it cannot be eliminated, to eliminate or restrict aircraft operations between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM, and to adopt more meaningful noise assessment methods on the ground.


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