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Let's clean up our skies.


WHAT DO we want the faa to do?

  • Suspend the new LAZIR flight route over our communities and reinstate the prior north bound departure path.

  • Include noise and emissions as critical design inputs for arrival and departures routes.

  • Distribute noise equitably over populated areas when it cannot be eliminated.

  • Eliminate or restrict aircraft operations between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

  • Adopt more meaningful noise assessment methods on the ground.

  • Enforce arrival approaches that keep aircraft strictly over the river at all times and in any weather.

What do we want Washington, D.C. to do?

  • Pursue aircraft noise mitigation at National Airport.

  • Provide technical support to the DC Representatives to the Community Working Group working with the airport to address aircraft noise over DC.

Why should you care?

  • Sleep disruption, stress, and exposure to pollutants such as carcinogenic aromatic hydrocarbons from aircraft exhaust emissions that undergo chemical changes in sunlight degrade your health.

  • Decreased ability to concentrate for learning purposes degrades children’s education.

  • Reduced ability to enjoy the outdoors degrades your quality of life.

  • Constant noise degrades your property values.

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